We Found the Dog

Except for the fact that I lost my keys.  I am locked out of the building and it will cost me $50 to get a new scanner to get in.  Plus I can't get on the elevator after 8:00 pm without it, so I can't loaf downstairs and watch tv and play on the computer tonight.  Hopefully somebody has turned them in, but I won't know until tomorrow.

On the brighter side I found a lost dog today.  I was reading outside and I looked up to see Diana's pitbull romping around, thoroughly enjoying her new found freedom.  She is a very friendly animal but I have never seen her off her leash before so I knew trouble was coming.  I gathered my things and walked to my truck as Diana's friend, Joe, was trying to catch Biggie.  Biggie took off for the netherlands at 50 mph - just having a high old time. Diana is almost completly paralyzed and the dog means the world to her.  I knew it would be awful if she wasn't caught.

As Joe followed Biggie, I got in my truck. (The only speed I know is mosey, but I make it to everything eventually )  I went to the end of the block and I was trying to figure out which way to turn when I heard a dog barking like crazy so I knew that Biggie had just run past.  I turned just in time to see Joe rounding the corner of the next street.  I caught him and told him to get in the truck.  He was completely surprised that I popped up. He started to tell me he couldn't get in because he had to find the dog. It brightened his day when I told him that I was there to help him and to get in because we had to move fast.

He said, "I gotta find that dog."

"I know," I said.

I made him roll his window down and we asked the first people we came to if they saw her - they just stared. (It is a very busy street by the way, not one that you want a dog to be running around on)  I stopped at a busstop and asked, and a lady said, "a big, brown dog?" and pointed down the opposite street.  So we took off in that direction.

I checked the first alley and nothing there.  We got to the corner and just as I was ready to pull out, Joe saw her.  She was sitting on a porch, looking around as if to say, "hey, where'd you go?"  He jumped out to get her and she ran past him and jumped in my truck.

I petted her and told her everything was OK as Joe was ranting and raving about how he was going to kill her when he got her home.  I pointed out that the dog would not know why she was being punished and if he ever wanted to catch her again that he might as well just drop it.  As far as she was concerned she had a good old adventure and it was over.

The dog is home.

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Comments (2)

  1. Bettymom

    Actually sounds like kind of a fun adventure! Hubby is always catching escaped dogs because he’s a dog whisperer. All dogs come straight to him and love him.

    April 07, 2014