The World of Disney

The World of Disney

Sometimes you see a picture on the internet and it reminds you of something that happened in your life.  That's what happened here.  I had a dog named Disney.  Disney was the most destructive lab mix ever but considering she was abused for the first 9 months of her life, it's no wonder.

When I lived in Huntington the people behind me got Disney when she was around 6 weeks old.  They immediately chained her to the fence with only an abandoned car for shelter and no food or water.  All the neighbors were sneaking her food and water.  The only reason they didn't call animal control was because they knew I was trying to find a home for her.  Disney was a plain black dog and there were 40 more just like her at the pound so her shot at a home was minimal. 

So we all took care of Disney as best we could.  I even found a home on a farm for her once but she ran off and 3 days later she was back because the phone number on her collar directed her back to the original owner.  It was frustrating to say the least.

Then my dad died.  I was moving to my own farm.  The last thing I did when I moved out was walk over to Disney, unchain her and put her in my van.  Disney loved life on the new farm.  She loved me and was completely devoted to me.  Unfortunately I had to move about a year later.

I built a pen at my new place.  It was about 60 foot long and at least 20 foot wide.  I put Disney and my 2 white german shepherds in it.  They got into a fight one day and they almost killed Disney.  I doctored her back to health but I couldn't put her back in the pen with them because she was scared of them and they would attack her again.  So I built her a house and I chained her to it and I started to look for a good home for her again.

In the meantime she started to eat her dog house.  Not just one dog house but more than I can count!  She was so destructive that I was in a constant state of building her a new house (generally one a week) but sometimes she would get stuck in a substandard house while waiting on me to finish building the other one.  I was also working 2 and 3 jobs by the way.

One day there was a knock on my door.  It was the animal control officer.  Someone had actually called the pound and told them I was abusing Disney.  I was mortified because I have saved thousands of dogs and was working on saving her.  So I stepped outside to talk to the humane officer.  I showed him the chewed up house she was in and he immediately told me that she coudn't stay in it.  Then I showed him the other house I was almost finished with and I also showed him the remains of the last house she had finished consuming just a few days earlier.

He commiserated with me be he told me he still couldn't allow her to live that way.  I told him if he could take better care of her then go ahead. I told him I was doing my best and that no one on earth was going to continuously build houses for her until I could find a farm to take her because a home in town was out of the question.  Nobody would keep her.

He finally said, "well, why does she keep doing it?" 

I told him, "I don't know. I've asked her a thousand times and she won't answer.  You ask her and see what she tells you."

He laughed at that and told me he was going to let me keep her but that if he got another complaint he would have to take her.  He could see that she was loved and she loved me.

A couple of dog houses later I noticed that when there was a hole in the back of her dog house she was keeping them longer.  It turns out Disney was just trying to build a window in her house so she could see in all directions.  No surprise since she grew up chained to a fence and living under an abandoned car.

So from then on out.  When I built her a house I left a window in the back. She would keep those houses about a month before I would have to build a new one.

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    August 29, 2013