Thank You America's Got Talent for that dream

 I had been dreaming that I had a pet rattle snake.  The snake loved me but I was still having to chase it around the house and make sure that it didn't bite me or anyone else.

When I woke up I was pinning Pudgy down.  Thankfully he has already forgiven me.


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Comments (3)

  1. chr3900

    hahahahaahahaha good grief.

    August 07, 2013
  2. JayDee

    Well, if this dream was brought on by a TV reality show.. then maybe you won’t be watching it that much again in the future?

    August 07, 2013
    1. damnpamn

      oh yes I will

      August 07, 2013
  3. owere1959

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    January 31, 2017