Here is a picture of my greyhounds when they were about 6 months old.  In the back is the trailer that we had to rebuild so that we could start our greyhound farm. After that initial run in with the "giant" spider I had several occasions to do battle with the smaller versions - by smaller I mean "palm sized".


My babies used to meet me at the gate everytime I came home.  They would be gathered together dancing and smiling as dogs do when mom comes home.  One day I pulled into the driveway and I was walking to the gate and they were all gathered there as usual when I saw one of those giant spiders on the gate!  I panicked because the only thing I was more afraid of than getting bit by one of those things was for one of my dogs to get bit by one.

So I tried to kill it.  I missed.  This particular spider was about the size of my palm.

When I tried to kill it, it jumped down and started to run all over my dogs.  It ran from one to another, leaping from dog to dog as if they were nothing but furniture.  I was horrified as it ran up and down their legs and across their backs and even on their heads.  All this while the dogs were milling excitedly because I was home.  They had no clue that the spider was there and it would have been nothing for them to crush together and force the spider to bite one of them.

So I started swatting at it.  My puppies were delighted that I was playing with them and started to jump about even more and the spider ran even faster but this time it ran straight for me!  It jumped on the gate and then it launched itself straight at my face!  I can still see, to this day, that spider coming straight at my eyes with it's legs fully extended ready to latch onto my face right at the bridge of my nose.

It happened so fast that I was unable to jump back or dodge it in any way!

The spider propelled forward until it was just a couple of inches from my face!  Then all of a sudden it was pulled back to the gate.  At this point it ran down the gate and off into the swamp somewhere.  But I knew I had dodged a bullet.  I think that the only thing that saved me was that when the spider launched itself at me that it reached the full extent of the web that it happened to be spinning on the gate.  That little, thin, stream of spidery silk saved my life as it pulled the spider back to the gate.

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Comments (5)

  1. chr3900

    I hate spiders. Just hate them. Walk through any web and I dance for 5 minutes and swat at the air. I love my whippet. I can imagine how stunning your greyhounds are. What a gentle sweet breed.

    October 05, 2013
    1. damnpamn

      unfortunately, my greyhounds “were” sweet, not “are”. They were born in 1992. And yes, they all got good homes after they were finished racing. And most of the time they raced either for my ex husband or for me so they were with us the whole time – which is unusual in the business.

      October 05, 2013
  2. elmo194855

    Great googly moogly, I nearly had a panic attack just reading this thing, Pam. Ewww!

    October 05, 2013
  3. cjb321

    Brrr! Just the thought of this gave me the chills!!!!

    October 05, 2013
  4. allantc1

    Excuse me I think I need to go to the bathroom after reading that.

    August 07, 2015