My Cat was allergic to the cat litter

I have had Pudgey for a few months now and he came to me with a beautiful coat of fur and clear eyes.  The picture of health.  He also came with all the accessories needed for a cat - including scoopable cat litter.

When that ran out I still had some of the cheap stuff so I used that up but I liked the scoopable kind so I bought it. (I had never tried it before)  However I bought a different brand.

About a month later I noticed a spot on Pudgey's back leg. Nothing major but I took note of it.  About a week after that I saw an ugly, red oozing hot spot on the inside of his other back leg.  At first I was puzzled as to the cause but I knew he didn't have fleas and I couldn't figure out what caused it.

I started treating it with tea tree oil and I could tell it was working but when I quit the spot came back.  Then I started thinking about any changes I had made to Pudgey's routine and the only thing I could think of was the cat litter.

So I changed back to the cheap stuff.  The hot spots are just about gone now.  He also had a little muck in his eyes. That has cleared up as well.  I don't know what was in that new brand of cat litter but whatever it was he coudn't tolerate it.

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  1. featherdawn

    Good to keep an eye on our babes…my orange guy always seems to have skin reactions.

    July 24, 2013