It's like a really bad "B" movie

The rescue effort goes on in central West Virginia for the abandoned St. Bernard/Great Pyrenees Dogs...or is it just "dog" now.  There were 3 but one has been shot in the face.  Also the animal shelter that had one of the 3 is now saying that the dog has escaped from the shelter.  At the same time they started reporting this (5 pm Saturday - closing time) they also took the facebook thread down so that people who were coordinating the rescue would have a harder time communicating.

Personally, knowing how things are routinely done in West Virginia I would say that officials got tired of the mostly out of state harassment that was going on about these dogs and took steps to neutralize the situation.  Of course it could all be just plain old bad luck mixed with a touch of asshole (person who murdered the dog).  It is very easy to believe the one dog did not escape, they are just telling people that to get them to leave them alone.  In all likelihood it is still at the shelter (or at a neighboring shelter who actually has jurisdiction in this case) or they put it to sleep to make it disappear.

This is a picture of the dead dog and a cross someone laid beside it.  They are leaving the dog there in hopes that the other dog will come looking for it.  However it is possible that both dogs were shot and there are no dogs to look for.  But here is another twist to the story....

Here is another picture of the same field that was taken a few days before.  The red circle shows where the dogs were located on the interstate and it demonstrates how far the dogs could go to run away when people tried to catch them.  It is strange that the picture was taken at the same field that the dog was shot in as far as I'm concerned.

This picture was posted this morning.  It says the dog was sighted about 25 miles from where they were staying (but it is closer to the animal shelter where they said one escaped).  There is no way to say where the dog is by looking at the picture though.  Officials would not be above posting  fake sightings to keep the people busy who are trying to save the last dog.  Anything to keep them busy and keep them out of their hair.

People have been trying to help these dogs from the very beginning but because they were so large and intimidating they were not caught.  But people were trying.  Then the out of state people got hold of the story and the bad publicity started and that is when everything came to a head.

If there is a dog left (or 2) I do hope they are found.  The woman from Pennsylvania is still here trying to catch them.  She had started the process of trying to get them to trust her.  Unfortunately this put a stop to the local people who were already trying to do that because the out of state people have been nothing but rude and insulting about the whole thing.  They quickly learned that the dogs were not just going to come running and jump in their truck to go for a ride which is what they were originally saying though.

I did not find out about the dogs until Thursday night.  I was going to go up Friday but the woman from Pennsylvania was already there.  I did go up there yesterday and drove around and looked but I didn't see anything.

Like I said, It's all a bad "B" movie.

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Comments (8)

  1. Bettymom

    Awww, what a mess. B movie, indeed, I agree. I hope you’re right about the one who supposedly escaped from the shelter.

    April 21, 2014
  2. bubblebut

    lets hope hes alright

    October 10, 2014