I had a Marvelous 4th.

I had a Marvelous 4th.

I helped to find my little cousin Trey's missing dog.  He is gone on his Make a Wish trip and his grandma was watching his dog and she got loose yesterday (July 3).  I didn't find out until that night so I couldn't do anything until the 4th.  Not that I had any great plans - swimming and cookout with friends.  So I spent my afternoon posting signs in the neighborhood (because Trey's grandma can't get around to do it).  That took all my energy but it paid off.  Tonight Gemma is home and there are 2 happy little boys in the world.  A big thank you to a facebook site called Lost & Found Dogs - West Virginia.  They have many success stories reuniting dogs and owners...now they have another.

I always have had a knack for finding lost dogs...guess the old girl hasn't lost it yet.

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  1. elmo194855

    Good job, Pam! A boy needs his dog.

    July 05, 2013