Good thing I have a cat fire escape plan


If there is ever a fire in my apartment building I have a surefire way to get my cat to safety.  I have enough rope to lower Pudgy the Pooper 8 floors to the ground in his cat carrier.  Now that presuposes that I can catch him to put him in the carrier.  It also presuposes that I, with my shredded lungs, can lower said Pudgy from a smoke filled apartment.  More than likely I will be off gasping for air myself.

Now, once Pudgy is safe and I still have need to vacate my 8th. floor apartment I'll just shimmy my fat ass down that almost 100 foot of rope Batman style anyway.  That's assuming that anyone of the 7 floors beneath me hasn't comandeered my rope for themselves. 

I don't know that I, myself, could resist a rope that magically appeared in my window if my apartment was burning behind me.  That's a good question, "if you were in an apartment 7 floors up and you have no way out but the window, would you stand there and watch a dangling rope and not use it because somebody else was?  Or would you say, "it's you or me, Bitch and capture the rope for yourself.

I really don't think the window frame or anything I could use as a base to tie the rope to could hold my rather substantial bulk anyway. Then I can see my fat ass holding on to the rope running commando style down the side of my building! If I'm in full hero mode, I will stop on lower floors myself and save some poor, suffacating soul on my way down.

They do it in movies, you know?

And now I have had anotherr sure fire $1,000,000 idea.  I'll be set for a lifetime if I can manufacture portable little balconies that you can throw outside your highrise apartment in case of fire.  Sure they make escape ladders for 2 and 3 story houses but if you live high up and need to get out that window, then you pretty much have to jump if some burly, hot, hunk of a sexy fireman isn't at your window to help you to the ground. 

So here's my portable balcony:  it is constructed of steel and chain.  there is a hook to support it from the window frame.  you then climb out the window to your balcony and hunker down till they actually have time to save you.

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Comments (2)

  1. knights68

    You have a hero mentality but a fight or run physicality. I understand…. you’re just like me! lol

    April 12, 2013
  2. elmo194855

    Your balcony idea is brilliant, Pam! I would expect nothing less from a brain that consistently beats me at WWF by 100+ points, darn your hide anyhoo. Let’s all pray there’s never a fire in your building, shall we?

    April 12, 2013
  3. snest1982

    It is really good thing but you have not shared any cat fire escaping plan with your audience. If you need any help write a cv then you can contact me via comment box.

    January 17, 2017