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When I was a greyhound trainer I quickly learned that nothing went together better than kids and dogs. (who knew?)

Every kid I ever came in contact with loved to go to the kennel and play with the dogs and they were more than willing to do a little manual labor in the name of helping the dogs. (i.e. sweep floors, pooper scoop and give each dog it's individual "pettins")

One of their favorite things to do was ride in the back of the dog truck.  Most trucks had either 6 or 8 compartments to transport the dogs back and forth to the track or the vet or whatever.  So we would load up the dogs and leave a "hole" open for the kids and they would ride to the sprint path with the dogs barking and half the time when we would get to the sprint path (usually a few hundred yards) the kids would be barking and yelping in unison with the dogs. 

Then we would unload the dogs and about half the time a dog will stand in the sprint path and stare at you instead of running so you have to figure out ways to inspire them to run.  Then the kids would become the "rabbit". They would take off running and the dogs would take off after them.  On a good day the dogs would just go on running like lightning and the kid would come back.  On a bad day the dogs would just lope along beside the kids just happy to hang out but not doing anything to actually get into better shape.

(if there were no kids then I had to do the running)

One summer my nephew, Dwayne, spent half the summer with us.  He was loyally getting up every morning at 4 a.m. so he could spend the morning in the kennel either with his uncle or I.  One day he heard us laughing about how nice it was to have a "rabbit".  He was so mad he refused to run with the dogs for a week but he couldn't stand it so he gave himself back over to the fun of the run and forgot how convenient it was for us.

He did like to tell everyone how much help he was and we bragged on him constantly for it.  We were living in Florida so he was getting to do all kinds of fun stuff like go to the beach and the zoo and Lion Country Safari and Disney World....

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  1. elmo194855

    KIDS: used for menial jobs since the beginning of time! love this story.

    June 21, 2013