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littl3m3 I really enjoy your stories. I plan on posting soon about my dog life - just been hard on heart lately. I don't mean to ask too private of a question so don't answer if you don't want to. I live in Memphis, TN. We have a dog track in West Memphis, AR. Are you talking about that track? I have Never been there - i almost want to go & then i think about the dogs & the stories ihear about them just being DDiscarded when they are finished racing. I didn't know if i should contribute to this field so i don't go... dso is it the same track? What do you think about people going to dog races? They are Beautiful, sweet dogs that Love to run but Love to snuggle! about 5 hours ago


if you read more of my blogs you will find answers to most of your questions...but in a nutshell...i have never been to west memphis but it is one of the better tracks in the country.

  i got involved in racing because I was going to do an animal rights expose about the big bad dog track.  But once i did it I found out that the exposes have been done over and over for no good what so ever.  plus I loved it.  from the first time I stepped in a turnout pen i knew it was where i was supposed to spend the rest of my life.  i could do more to effect change from the inside...and i did just that. 

When I started - back in the 80's- they were killing all the dogs.  people made fun of me for trying to find them homes.  One by one i took what dogs i was given and people saw that they did make wonderful pets.  Even the old timers would take notice and come to me and tell me they wanted to give me a dog but no one could know they did it - and that is how i started.  Now most tracks have an adoption program and most trainers spend a fair amount of their time trying to find homes for dogs that don't make the track.  Don't get me wrong = they are still killing dogs.  But it is not in the numbers that it used to be.  Actually there is a fair amount of competition for the dogs now because rescuers have learned they can get good money - between $500 and $1000 per dog in many cases.  personally I never took a penny for finding dogs homes. 

if you are interested in working with adoption groups i can assure you they need the help.  Even if you foster one dog until they can get it a home.  They will explain the requirements necessary to keep a greyhound as a pet - surprisingly it isn't too much different from any dog.  I used to tell people it was like taking home a giant 6 week old puppy - and they learn fast. 

personally i don't gamble, people who go to the track are gamblers, they are not dog people.  they don't care what they gamble on as long as they gamble. 

The dogs do love to run, they are also giant couch potatoes...about like any dog and most of them get along with other animals just fine although there are exceptions of course.  Also I never refer to the dogs as being discarded or put to sleep - they are murdered.  people don't adopt dogs when they think they are retiring to happy, green pastures.  I just tell it like it is.

P.s.  my shift button is sticking so there are no caps lol

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